Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mary and Justin are married!

What an honor to be able to attend their Wedding last Saturday at the Noank Baptist Church and then The Branford House on the Uconn campus in Groton. Perfect day, perfect people, perfect lighting, perfect locations... wedding photographers really know how to have a wedding! I tried to not have my camera, but that didn't really work so I just played around and shot the whole wedding from the hip (and from the heart)! It was so nice to just be a guest, but to be surrounded by photographers was killer! David Jay did an amazing job photographing the day with [b]ecker and Matt Grazier on his side! These guys have got it going on, they absolutely rock! Late night was bombarded with some of our CT PUG friends... way to tear up the dance floor! You guys rock. Congratulations Mary and Justin... we love you.

everyone needs to spin in a big fluffy dress...

the bridesmaids dresses were so beautiful...

here comes the bride!

Mary's dress was quite spectacular.

perfectly placed petals.

Amanda Harris... shootin it up!

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Marantz!

the cake was jeweled by wedding photos of their parents and grandparents, with their engagement photo on the top tier.

They couldn't have picked a better location....

DJ w/ Paul and Matt Grazier working their magic with the boys...

the first dance

oh, here we go... CT PUG in da house...

the awesome Sarah Barlow and myself on the dance floor!

Matt Grazier and I shot it up while Mary burned it up on the dance floor...

I love this one... Mary's totally up in the air!

Steve Depino... I still don't know what you're seeing with that right eye open!!! There's the proof though, huh!

did I mention that Mary burned it up on the dance floor?

I'm maybe not going to ask about this one! Carla Ten Eyck and Paul McNerney

everyone loves to spin in a big fluffy dress!

That's it folks!

Just kidding... they're back for some more!

I so think Justin finally got his chance to be superman in this shot! (he IS a super man)!

Mary's givin it up! woohoo!

perfect end to a perfect day guys!

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Robin Dini Photography said...

every single one of these shots is amazing! wow!

STEVE DePINO said...

WOW!!! Killer job on all of these and yes I do shoot with booth eyes open :) that way I can see more of the action :)

JAG Studios said...

thanks robin and steve, it was hard to choose, there were so many awesome shots!
funny, steve, that we had a conversation about it the night before! And the shot for the proof!

Grazier Photography said...

Awesome! It's so cool to see so many different styles from a single wedding. These images of the dance floor are incredible.

Have a great trip out west and get in touch when you return.

~Matt G

Carla Ten Eyck said...

Seriously, these are the most rockin dance floor shots like EVER! By far the best end of night pics I have seen from any wedding!! Yeah, not sure what was going on in the picture of me and Paul though I am certain Justin Timberlake probably had something to do with it!!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

HOLY COW YOU ABSOLUTELY ROCKED THIS WEDDING. Awesome flower girl shots and I love all that sunflare as they are getting into the car, the reflections in the window, and the front of the car. Thanks for the stealth shot of me :) and of course all the truly rockin dance floor pictures. Girl- you're on FIRE!


Sarah Barlow said...

AMAZING!! Wow I love these!! So great meeting you last week! I hope your trip goes awesome! Can't wait to see pics of your new ride!